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(TLDR) Hiki is a dating and friendship app for autistic adults, named after the Hawaiian word for “able.” It’s a space that celebrates neurodiversity where people can be themselves. Safety is a big deal on Hiki, with strict rules on respect, inclusion, and behavior. Anyone over 18 can join, and you don’t need an official autism diagnosis to sign up. Bonus: The blog on Hiki talks about experiences like hypersensitivity and acceptance, all about being true to yourself.

Friends, family, community, love
Do you know Hiki? Hiki is the Hawaiian word for “able”, and it’s pronounced like “high key”. Hiki is a friendship and dating app for autistic adults that celebrates neurodiversity – and a place to be yourself. Because everyone deserves to be happy.

Where safety rules
Hiki is serious about the safety of its community. Everyone who becomes a member must sign an agreement to follow their rules respect, inclusion, and safety. Administrators monitor behavior, and suspicious activity – found or reported – results in immediate removal and the user is banned.

How to join
Read about Hiki on the website, and if you are 18+ years and would like to join, click on the link for iphone or for android. You don’t need an official autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis to become a Hiki member. The Hiki team understands that can be a huge barrier for many. In their words, “We respect, honor, and validate self-diagnosis at Hiki. You never have to prove who you are.”

Hiki blog
The Hiki website also has a blog with entries from the community. Some could be relatable, or even important, for you or someone you know to read. Each is in the author’s authentic voice and style. Recurring themes are hypersensitivity, acceptance, respect, appreciation, and encouragement for individuals being exactly who they are.

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