Changing the world.
One mind at a time.

Changing the world. One mind at a time.

At twofold we think every mind has the power to make a
difference. We strive to prove
this every day.

At twofold we think every mind has the power to make adifference. We strive to provethis every day.

Neurodiversity is our superpower. Here, structure meets unexpected boldness, forging a bond of trust, respect, and growth. We are neither a 9-5 nor an all-nighter agency. At twofold you can discover your rhythm and embrace your beat. We bring out your best by catering to individual needs. Be it part-time, remote or on-site, we craft, adapt, and thrive together. Ready to create real excellence, celebrate differences and live your life by joining us?

Together, we can make a real difference. Your way!

Together, we can make a real difference. Your way!

Be yourself

Your rhythm defines your work. Whether it’s part-time, remote or on-site, we don’t box in brilliance. Embracing neurodiversity, we champion tailored paths, ensuring everyone can create their best work, for class and clients. We care, we adapt, we thrive.

Strive for excellence

Join a place where purpose meets hands-on impact. Contribute to stellar work for global companies. Or join as an apprentice where transformation begins. From bold branding to pivotal education, we all strive together. With every challenge we focus on delivering excellence and creating positive change. Our ambition is bold: to become a lighthouse for individualism, creativity and tolerance.

Recharge your way

At twofold, it’s about the journey. Dive into your passion projects with paid volunteering days or chart new adventures with time-offs. Sabbatical? Let’s chat. At twofold, we champion a balance that keeps your spirit ignited and visions bold. We value your vibe, your way, always.

Thrive on our team

Join a team that’s as diverse and colorful as confetti, where boundaries aren’t just respected – they’re celebrated. We’re fluent in neurodiversity. We know that “musts” don’t fit everyone. Creating smart and vibrant work is our daily task. Striving individually, thriving as a team, driving positive impact – that’s us.

A peek into the
application process

You’ve reached out, and we’re listening. After reviewing, we’ll connect about next steps.
Let’s meet. Whether face-to-face or screen-to-screen, it’s a chance for mutual understanding.
For some roles, there’s an immersive experience day - see us in our element and envision your place.
When everything aligns, expect an email or a call.  A formal offer, a potential start, a future togheter.