twofold academy -
fostering ingenuity

A look back

Our founder Susan Conza, who is on the autism spectrum, knows from personal experience the unique challenges that people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) face at the start of their careers. Tailored training and targeted support can unleash their unique potential. With this knowledge, over 10 years ago Susan laid the foundation for today’s twofold academy. The mission was clear: to educate independent and talented neurodivergent individuals who can change the world.

Why should you be part of
twofold academy?

Inclusive spaces & communication

We have streamlined the workplace to the essentials: an environment where neurodivergent individuals can truly shine. Barrier free spaces, sensory friendly lighting, and quiet zones ensure that our trainees feel comfortable and can achieve their goals. With clear communication daily, we prepare you optimally for your future work environment.

Strong network

We don’t just talk about support; we build on it. Our network of ASD experts, institutions, and foundations is prepared to support the special needs of neurodivergent talents. This powerhouse of resources and expertise is available to support you every step of the way.

Customized support & top-notch trainers

twofold trainees are individually supported throughout their entire journey with us. Our top-notch, personalized support is designed to lead you to success.

Internship network

We are your gateway to an extensive network of internship opportunities with external partners. Our trainees expand their skills and gain diverse professional experiences that not only enhance their resumes but also serve as a real springboard for their careers.

Exciting projects

twofold is a hub of creativity, offering trainees the opportunity to work in a state-of-the-art environment. You will learn and apply your skills on exciting projects for renowned clients, gaining valuable experience in the world of marketing.

Job placement support

As an academy graduate, we support you in finding a position after training. We help you enter the job market with opportunities tailored to your individual skills and ambitions.

Choose your journey

Embark on a journey through your training with us. Immerse yourself in
exciting professions such as Interactive Media Designer, IT Application
Development Specialist, or Business Administrator. The goal?
A Swiss Federal VET Diploma – your passport to the professional world.

See what academy talents think

Ready for your

The start of your apprenticeship can be challenging. We understand the many different biographies of neurodivergent individuals (with focus on ASD) and support you, together with Swiss Disability Insurance (IV), in preparing your apprenticeship. Would you like to do an apprenticeship with us? Then contact Gianni Delle Donne.

Gianni Delle Donne
Co-Lead Academy / Member of the executive board
+41 44 533 42 37