General Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of twofold (Schweiz) AG as of 1 January 2020.

Value added tax (VAT)

Prices do not include 7.7% value added tax.

Charging for additional services

We charge for our services according to actual expenditure within the scope of the offered project costs. Project changes that are not due to client decisions and with cost consequences of more than 10% of the offered amount must be disclosed and a modified offer presented to the client early on.

Third-party costs

Accrued external costs within the scope of our services (couriers, expenses, etc.) are openly reported and charged on. All third-party services such as image rights, hosting, maintenance, translation, proofreading, lithography/proofs, printing/production costs etc. are not included in the agency fees. Such orders to third parties are outsourced by twofold (Schweiz) AG on behalf of the client after prior agreement with the client.

Travel expenses

Costs for travel expenses and travel time are offered on a project basis and are disclosed.

Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, twofold (Schweiz) AG may charge one third of the total fee when the order is placed. Further invoices will be issued periodically. A term of 30 days applies to the payment of the invoices.

Rights of use

Upon full payment of all fees and costs invoiced by twofold (Schweiz) AG, the client acquires the rights of use of the work created within the scope of the defined collaboration. Beyond the duration of the collaboration, the agreement includes the international right of use without time restrictions. The rights of use may only be transferred to third parties with the written consent of twofold (Schweiz) AG. In any event, the copyright remains with twofold (Schweiz) AG. (Federal Law on Copyright and Related Rights, URG).

Reference use

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, twofold (Schweiz) AG is entitled to use the work produced within the framework of this collaboration as a reference for its own purposes (self-promotion).

Concluding remarks

These terms and conditions are valid and applicable to all current and future services provided by twofold (Schweiz) AG.