Lukas Rosenmund

From print to digital
to hybrid

For years, the “Lighting Handbook for the Practitioner” stood as Zumtobel Group's printed gospel for a variety of job profiles within their company. More than just a handbook, it's an Employer Branding Tool, seamlessly blending communication, learning, and pride in their products. Now, Zumtobel is moving towards marketing communication with a digital focus and we’ve shaken things up. Our mission? To keep this beloved handbook not just relevant but to crank up its utility to eleven for every Zumtobel employee.

We weren’t content with just digitizing this handbook. Our goal was to turbocharge it. First step? A deep dive into the existing content. We dissected, analyzed, and restructured, setting the stage ready for the digital world. We didn't just move content online, we transformed it. We moved on to a Three-Tiered Digital Strategy: Information, Interaction, and Elation. We crafted a digital trifecta:
  • Information:
    A sleek CRM database, making data accessible at your fingertips.
  • Interactivity:
    Explanation and learning modules that engage, not just inform.
  • Emotion:
    Uplifting content to energize and inspire.
Our UX design brought the Zumtobel brand into the digital age, using a completely individual Cinema 4D concept, proving that technology isn’t just a tool, it's a game-changer for long-term design.

Recognizing the diverse users of this handbook – from marketing wizards to hard-hat heroes – we developed a printed folder with an RFID (Radio Frequency ID) chip. Just a tap of a phone near the folder, and voilà: instant access to the digital world and information search via the CRM. For those on the construction site, this folder is a goldmine of pre-printed info: crucial for tradesmen and a win for environmental sustainability keeping print costs to a minimum.