Raphael Hinder

Revitalizing Z83’s digital

Z83 isn’t just another player in the finance game. They’re game-changers.

Nestled in an “old-school” industry, Z83 needed to broadcast their innovative services and start-up-like company culture. Because that’s what pulls in elite clients and talent. This meant out with the old website.

Z83 approached us with a clear briefing: To attract talents ready to redefine finance, we need a homepage that’s a rallying point for visionaries eager to shake up the status quo. The ones who are carving out new paths, maybe from a beach in Mexico with clients dialing in from Geneva. Our mission was clear: Turn up the energy and design a digital platform that radiates Z83’s employer brand mission.

We came up with a dual-focused strategy: enhance user experience and amplify employer branding. We upgraded the website architecture, paving a path straight to what users really need. Clear, direct, no detours. The homepage replaces “old school” and resonates with “finance today”. With a laser focus on employer branding, we transformed the About Us and Career pages into authentic insights into the company’s spirit and people, and the perks of being part of this trailblazing crew.

Now Z83 looks and feels like the modern disruptor that they are. Their digital hub embodies their spirit of innovation and core values. And it’s a call-to-action to those seeking work at the cutting edge of accounting and financial services for start-ups and SMEs.