Raphael Hinder

Trains of the future

Introducing new trains requires lengthy development and high costs. Once on the rails, these trains must guarantee long operating times. At the same time, automation and autonomy of trains are rapidly developing. In Asia or economically tight regions, a reliable solution is needed that adapts existing trains and thus extends their use. Rail Systems Engineering provides an efficient software solution to automate or autonomize older trains. twofold has designed the interface for the software.

Rail System Engineering Group, based in Malaysia and Zurich, has developed a unique “tune for progress” software and hardware solution for existing and older trains. The software allows train drivers to control all functions of the driver assistance system cockpit via a single display. twofold developed a highly functional interface design for this display. Based on a basic grid, we designed all display options of the software in the first realization phase, defining the active and passive status of all buttons and realizing a wide range of symbols and icons. This included adhering to strict colorcoding standards employed by train conductors worldwide. In the second phase, we integrated the designed interface elements into the Rail Systems Engineering software using ASP.NET and C#.

German Design Award 2022 Gold