Frank Hüber

Flakes with gusto

In an upcycling process, grainmade takes valuable plant by-products from beer production and then transforms them into tasty, healthy, protein- and nutrient-rich breakfast flakes. We positioned grainmade as far away from beer as possible. With a colorful lifestyle brand, grainmade is as dynamic as the base product, and many different products can be included under this brand in the future. twofold also created the packaging and digital experience.

In an extensive positioning process, we developed the core values with grainmade. Then we developed the brand design: basic elements such as the logo, typeface and color scheme, plus an additional main design element of superimposed amorphous forms. This brings high recognition value and plays out across all applications as a single form and again as a partial element. On the packaging design for four different kinds of breakfast flakes, all the basic elements of the brand design play together. This interplay strongly differentiates grainmade flakes on the shelves of Coop, Migros or Spar. In parallel, twofold created the new design concept for the website.