Stunning! twofold Wins
Silver Anthem Award!

Noé Robert

Changing the world. One mind at a time.

What? Yes! Woah.Surprise. Excitement. Humility. That’s how it feels for us to win Silver in the category Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Special Workplace Initiative.

Hi from Zurich, Switzerland. We’re twofold. A neurodiverse marketing agency. The first of its kind. Our teams are neurodiverse from apprentices to management, which makes our work exceptionally vibrant. We create sensational 360° employer brand experiences, events exhibition concepts, campaigns, and digital brand experiences that bring company values vividly to life.Our in-house academy fosters the ingenuity of ambitious neurodivergent people. Through fully accredited Swiss Federal Vocational Education and Training – in Interactive Media Design, IT Application Development, or Commercial Information and Communication Technology – and with the support of professional coaches, twofold apprentices apply their brilliance in practice and prepare to become the next generation of professionals.

It all started over ten years ago thanks to the vision and boldness of our founder Susan Conza, who is on the autism spectrum herself. Knowing firsthand the unique challenges that people with autism spectrum disorder face at the start of their careers, she took action to provide tailored training and targeted support that can unleash the unique potential of this group. The mission was clear: to educate independent and talented neurodivergent individuals who can change the world. Thank you, Sue – this award is for you!

Neurodiversity is our superpower. At twofold, structure meets unexpected boldness and everyone has the power to make a difference. Our quest every day is to unleash the potential of neurodiverse teams, create brilliance, deliver excellence, and drive positive change in the workplace.

Thank you. It is truly an honor for all of us at twofold to win this Silver Anthem Award.We’re changing the world. One mind at a time.

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