Spotlight on neurodiversity: twofold documented by SRF

Noé Robert

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(TLDR) Discover the inspiring journey of Michael in a new SRF documentary. As twofold's Strategy Director and a member of the autism spectrum, Michael exemplifies how neurodivergent individuals thrive with the right support. This documentary highlights his professional achievements and the significant impact of fostering an inclusive work environment.

We are thrilled to announce the spotlight on one of our key team members, Michael Maurantonio, in an insightful documentary produced by SRF. This documentary dives into the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum, illustrating how they navigate daily challenges and excel both personally and professionally.

Michael, our Strategy Director, exemplifies resilience and determination, qualities that he consistently brings to his role at twofold. His narrative is a testament to the profound impact that supportive and understanding environments can have on neurodivergent individuals.

Through his story, the documentary portrays the potential of the neurodiverse community to achieve excellence when given the right opportunities and support. It's a compelling reminder of the limitless capabilities that lie within a diverse workforce.

We extend our gratitude to Helen Arnet for her sensitive and accurate portrayal of this important topic, helping to enhance understanding and appreciation of neurodiversity in the professional realm.

We encourage everyone to watch this powerful documentary to gain a deeper understanding of the daily experiences and extraordinary potential of neurodivergent individuals like Michael.

Watch it here: Autismus bei Erwachsenen – Woran Betroffene in der Arbeitswelt leiden | Reporter | SRF